Frontend developer

Frontend developer

My developer experience

I have been interested in programming since my childhood, starting to program in Pascal and Delphi. I received an engineering degree at the university and then started working as a project manager, independently studying the necessary technologies for programming.
Now I am a specialist with excellent technical background and understanding of project flow processes from scratch to support after its submission.
  • java script java script
  • vue.js vue.js
  • nuxt.js nuxt.js
  • three.js three.js
  • 2020 - till now
    gocream agency

my favorite projects

  • Customization tool

    • three.js
    • nuxt.js
    • blender
    I created an engine for a reusable 3d customization tool. All settings (model, light, textures, variants) are in one text configuration file.

    Main features:
    1. lightweight! Less than 300kb, just 2 dependencies - three.js and gsap;
    2. textures optimization for different screens (based on screen width). Low-resolution textures for mobile phones and high-definition textures for desktop;
    3. using KTX2 textures for device optimization (GPU-packed textures);
    4. built-in benchmark - different environments (lights, environment textures, shadows) for weak devices and modern devices;
    5. production-ready files for engravement and order management;
    6. not bound with any framework - can be used with vue.js, react.js or angular.

    It works here:
    1. staya.dog customization tool for dog id tags (more than 200 orders each month);
    2. polaroid go demo (easy to change model and use in the different interfaces).
  • alexander-kriger.com

    • three.js
    • nuxt.js
    • blender
    • design
    Everything you see on this site, including the 3d model, site design, frontend development was developed by me.

    Some of the technical moments:
    1. the scene is designed/assembled in Blender;
    2. all textures are baked, so there are absolutely no light sources in the scene that increase the render speed;
    3. three.js is used to import the scene, manage it and animate objects;
    4. nuxt.js is used for SPA, with static site generation;
    5. the site itself is deployed to vercel.com via Github.
  • sheidlina.com

    • nuxt.js
    • vuex
    Portfolio site for the Russian artist Elena Sheidlina.

    The main advantages of the site:
    1. all images are compressed by the CMS and are given in different sizes, as well as in the form of a png64 thumbnail. This allows a preview to be shown while the main image is loading;
    2. pages are cached in the vuex store which reduces the number of API requests;
    3. the site is linked to CMS with content in 2 languages.

    In this project, I was a Frontend developer and project manager.
  • staya.dog admin tool

    • vue.js
    The administrative system for the e-com platform.

    The platform is based on Django (Oscar), but it was not convenient for store managers to process orders. The project was not complicated in terms of its design. The main difficulty was in numerous API requests to display all the necessary data and create a responsive interface (error handling so that the manager was confident in the success of his request)
  • finance monitoring on google spreadsheets

    • javascript es6+
    For small agencies, CRM systems are monsters that interfere with work and are expensive and yet something is missing. It was much more convenient for us to fill data in google spreadsheets.

    My task included parsing tables for all clients, costs, work statuses, making the necessary calculations and displaying them in a new table with the necessary graphs.
    As a result, there was no need to connect developers to confidential information.
  • node.js and vanilla.js pet projects

    • javascript es6+
    • express
    • jest
    • postgres
    My interesting pet projects, for a better understanding of backend development and the internal structure of modern frameworks:
    1. fullstack blog application with JEST tests: github project;
    2. SPA Vanilla js project - trip planner: github project


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