Frontend developer

Frontend developer

My engineer experience

Studying at one of the best technical universities in the country gave me the most important thing in my work - a technical mindset, despite the fact that I do not remember everything that I studied over the years. When Gocream agency created its own staya.dog brand, I was pleased to remember about my engineering background.
  • 2020 - till now
    staya.dog , part-time
  • 2014 - 2017
    russian space , full-time

my favorite projects

  • staya.dog laser tags

    This project turned out to be on the verge of a project manager and an engineer. My responsibilities included the selection of equipment, configuration and automation of the process from the user's device to the final product.
    As a project manager, I also worked on the customization tool on the staya.dog website.

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  • NDA

    As soon as the products in staya.dog, which I worked on, go on sale, I will update this block. But work in Russian space will remain a secret.


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